Reiki your way to a healthier life

If your passion is to be in control of your own healing and well-being then you are in the right place to complete that goal.

At Soul-Secrets School of Reiki you will find comprehensive Reiki courses which aim to help you transform and enhance your life. All the courses are written by my-self based on many years experience of working with Reiki.

me and horse

Reiki healing is a great tool to work alongside side allopathic medicine. Modern society is now swaying towards healthier, cleaner living and looking for natural cures to help them achieve this. Reiki is a perfect option as it has no side effects and treats the ‘whole’ person or animal.


In using a holistic approach we are aiming to treat the ‘whole ‘person rather than just a symptom or an area of the body. We think of this as mind, body and spirit/soul.

If you would like to find out more about how this can benefit you please click here to see my Reiki courses.

Mind Physical Spirit
Calms mind Relieves pain Connect to inner self
Decrease stress Balances energy Increased awareness
Decrease anxiety Aids relaxation Find soul purpose
Clearer thinking Helps body to heal its-self Feeling ‘whole’
Aids focus Drawn to healthier life style Feeling at peace


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