Reiki and Anxiety

26 May

Reiki and Anxiety

Anyone one who suffers from anxiety will tell you it is a terrible condition. I think most of us will have experienced it to some degree but the problem is when anxiety reiki lady in green dressstarts to affect your quality of life. Not only does it prevent you from doing what can be the smallest of tasks but it also affects people emotionally with feelings of isolation. Isolation then leads to depression and then even more anxiety creating what feels like an endless cycle.

Public perception of people with anxiety or mental health issues still remains a problem although it is starting to improve. I am sure you have noticed that so many more people now will talk openly about panic attacks, anxiety and depression.

There are also many more treatment offers from taking anti-depressants alongside counselling to using more holistic therapies such as Reiki. A combined treatment plan often works best for the long term when treating anxiety.

Types of treatment can be:

  • Counselling often in the form of CBT
  • Antidepressants
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Nutritional therapy – lack of certain vitamins can create feelings of anxiety
  • Flower essences
  • Reflexology
  • Massage with aromatherapy oils
  • Crystal therapy
  • Reiki 

lady having reiki treatment

How can Reiki help with anxiety?

  1. Reiki is carried out in a very relaxing environment. When people are suffering from anxiety they often find fast paced or loud environments really difficult be in. Reiki is very soothing and often people fall asleep during a session. A practitioner often has quiet music playing to enhance the atmosphere. Sometimes a quiet space for us to take stock and re-connect with ourselves is all it takes to help alleviate some of our anxiety.
  2. Reiki is something that you can learn to do for yourself. A problem for some people who are suffering from anxiety is that they are unable to get out and about and seek the help that they need. Reiki is something that you can learn from home and carry out your treatments on yourself.
  3. Reiki helps you to re-focus your thoughts. By calming the body we are able to re-focus our thoughts into a much more positive state. By learning Reiki you also learn to work with the Reiki principles which if practiced on a daily basis helps you to take one day at time without worry and anxiety.
  4. Reiki is a spiritual practice. Most people agree that spiritual practice is good for anxiety. Learning to live ‘mindfully’ which is practiced in Reiki is really helpful and developing a much more positive outlook on life
  5. Receiving or learning Reiki often promotes healthier habits. Many people find that by receiving or learning Reiki that they wish to look at healthier alternatives in their lives. This can be spending time in nature, eating a healthier diet or taking more exercise. All of these are great for helping to relieve anxiety and stress.
  6. You are connecting to another person while having a Reiki treatment. Many people with anxiety feel really isolated and overwhelmed by life. They often feel totally misunderstood and even embarrassed by what is going on. Seeing a Reiki practitioner can help in the sense that it allows them to connect in a safe, relaxed environment without judgement.
  7. You will have made a conscious effort to take control of your own healing. One of the problems with anxiety is that you can feel that your life is spiralling out of control. One of the ways to help you is the understanding that to get better a change of the ‘old’ behaviours and habits will be required. This will involve things like tackling repeating thought patterns that hold you stuck. It is easy to get stuck in the trap of believing that everything we think is ‘true’. This means that we take on board all those thoughts that tell us ‘we can’t do something’ or ‘we will fail’ but have you ever stopped to really question if that is true. Reiki can be one step forward on your journey to recovery from anxiety to help you work at creating change in your life. 8.
  8. Reiki does not have to be received in person. Already mentioned if you are trained to Reiki level one you are able to work on yourself. However, if you are not and also not able to see a practitioner of Reiki it is possible for you receive a distance healing which is just as effective as an in-person treatment.
  9. Reiki may provide release of past emotions. It can allow people to let go of worry anger and past hurts as it allows the body to go into such a deep state of relaxation that can provide a sense of well-being. It can also help to combine talking therapies such as CBT with Reiki for past trauma.
  10. Reiki can help to detoxify the body. It is thought that Reiki can help to clear the body of toxic energy and waste. By sending healing energy to the body, it allows the body to be open to naturally heal and clear away any waste or toxic energies/products.