Cat care video online course

22 Mar

Basic Tips for Caring for your Cat

Online video course

Prevention is always better with accidents and illness and this course will guide you on Bengalthe correct care for your cat in order to prevent it from getting hurt or becoming ill. This particular course will help you to be aware of different things that you need to think about when you get a cat or kitten. Guidance is given on choosing a cat or kitten and look at the pedigree cat side so that when you choose, you know what questions to ask. The video training also covers the care you give once you have a cat or kitten. This course is great option to run along side the pet first aid course

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to cat care
    • Cat care introduction
    • Cat care overview
  • Cat care
    • Cat proofing your home
    • Paws and claws
    • Cat feeding and water
    • Cat vaccinations
    • Cat worming and treatment
    • Choosing a kitten
    • Pedigree cats
    • Cat toilet training
    • Neutering your cat
    • The pregnant cat
    • Adult cats
    • Pets and fireworks
  • Course summary
    • Summary to cat care

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Basic Tips for Caring for your Cat