Dog care course online video course

Basic Dog Care online video Course

We all love mans best friend but do we really know about their needs as well as what we could do? Correct care for your dog can prevent it from getting hurt, having an accident or becoming ill. With this online video course you will be guided on different things to think about when buying or rescuing a dog or puppy. To extend your knowledge there is also a pet first aid course and a canine first aid for you to purchase.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
    • Introduction to dog care
    • Dog care overview
  • Dog care
    • Know your pet
    • General care
    • Grooming
    • Vaccinations
    • Dog micro-chipping
    • Dog toys
    • Dogs in cars
    • Travelling with your dog abroad
    • Lungworm
    • Pets and fireworks
  • Course summary
    • Summary to dog care

To purchase this course please click on the dog care logo below to gain a 10% discount. Alternatively you can use corporate code UK MDGLD at sign in or checkout.Basic Tips for Caring for your Dog

  • 3-year nationally recognised certificate
  • 51 minutes of engaging video training
  • Video access for 12 months
  • Printable wall certificate
  • CPD time credit conformation
  • Free weekly video refresher
  • Evidence Based Training certificate
  • £5.00 plus VAT minus 10% with code UKMDGLD