Full Moon November 2016

8 Nov

Novembers new moon is a supermoon appearing large and bright in our skies!! According to NASA it will be the closest moon to Earth since 1948 and it is predicted that we wont see this again until 2034. This particular moon will also have a more dramatic effect on the tides. We can enhance this energy in order to banish and create within our lives!

The moon is thought of as a feminine energy and influences our feminine cycles, creativity and our energy levels. By working with the various cycles of the moon one can increase the flow of creation thus allowing greater scope to establish ones goals.

A full moon such as the supermoon can be used for banishing, creation or both.

Ideas for creation would be to start to create a vision board and meditate on it during the full moon phase. Candles can be used with ideas or names carved into them. Make sure you burn the candle right down knowing that as it burns it is transmitting your desire out into the universe.

The moon can also be used to cleanse your crystals, just place them in your window as the moon is full and let the energy weave its magic to revitalise your stones.

It is always wise to work with integrity and within the light when performing rituals. Stay grounded, keep your centre and remain focussed on your intent.