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24 Feb

My animal Reiki course is now available as an on-line course. You will need to be a Reiki level 2 to do it as a course or you can just buy the manual if you prefer. To go to the course  page please click here or to buy the manual click here. In the mean time if you would like to read an extract from the manual then please carry on reading……

This Reiki course is aimed at those who have completed level two Reiki and also have some experience of animals. However, animals are very open to Reiki energies and there is also an element of learning as you go and letting the animal be your guide as you progress on your journey.

To me Reiki is about is about connection to ‘all’ living things. This includes the earth and all of nature, people and animals.

If you have taken the time to really connect with our animal friends you will already know how truly blessed we are to live amongst such wonderful beings. This bond is beneficial to humans as well as animals and can enhance the well-being of both.

In order to connect deeply with animals it is important to spend some time thinking about what your own beliefs are with regards to them. It will help if you are able to look at life from their point of view and understand animal behavior.

Animals unlike humans have an amazing ability not to judge. They have a beautiful energy that they are able to communicate with us but unfortunately many of us are not open to this communication and therefore fail to hear what is being said. An animal is able to instantly connect to our energy and very quickly determine our ‘energy/mood’.

By working with Reiki and learning to listen with your heart is the key to forming a much closer bond with your pet or any other animal.


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