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1 Apr

Why choose a home study/Distance learning Reiki?

The most common reasons that people seem to choose to learn Reiki as a home study course are affordability, distance learning works out approximately a third of the cost of a face to face course and also not being able to travel to a location where Reiki workshops are held or not feeling connected to a teacher in their area.

Quite often people leave a gap between Reiki courses and doing a home study course is a great way to do a refresher without the cost involved of a day’s tuition. There can be many reasons why people leave a gap such as life commitments getting in the way of study to simply needing more time to get used to working with Reiki in our daily lives.

Often some confusion can apply around a Reiki distance learning course when it comes to an attunement. An attunement is what will ‘open’ you up to the Reiki energy, you could think of it as activating the flow of Reiki for you. This will need to be carried out by a Reiki Master Teacher but it does not need to be done face to face. When you learn Reiki two you are given a ‘distance learning symbol’ which helps you to send healing energy to a person or situation that is not present. This is the same of a distance attunement.

My personal belief is that it is all about the ‘intention’ of the person giving the healing or the attunement. If the intention is pure and sent with love then that is what is sent out regardless of whether the person receiving is in front of them or thousands of miles away. . The Universe will deliver the healing or attunement regardless of space or time. Equally if the intention is only about making money then this will be the same if the person is having a face to face attunement.

With my Distance learning Reiki courses I aim to provide all the information that you would have on a face to face course. My manuals have interactive worksheets to fill in which help you to learn by encouraging you to research information. I feel with any learning it is always good to look at different ideas and perspectives. I also offer support if there is anything you do not understand or need some extra help with.

Please see my Reiki distance courses for more information on each individual course and to view some sample pages.

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