Mercury retrograde and transformation

8 Sep

Transformation and mercury retrograde

August 30th – September 21/22nd September 2016

Mercury retrograde is happening now and often brings shivers of dread spreading through peoples veins!! Do we need to dread this period or is there something we can do to turn the energy to our advantage? I am a great believer that anything in life can have a positive outcome. It is worth understanding that a retrograde means that Mercury is ‘resting’ rather than going ‘backwards’. Mercury connects to communications therefore you may find anything that connects to this area can be out of sync.

Rather than focus on any kind of loss or disruption, it is highly favourable to be able to look at how you can create change with this energy by looking at ‘what is’ and how is the best way to move forward when the time is right. Work with what you ‘have’. The new situations will materialise once Mercury has woken up.

If we look at earth energies and the law of attraction we understand the phrase ‘what you focus on, will grow’. If we think of and focus on the retrograde with Mercury as a difficult time, then it will be!

Think of this as a perfect time to clear up jobs that have been on the back burner for a while. It’s not great for new projects! New jobs, new relationships or long term projects should all be avoided during this period. However, it is perfect for looking over that project that has been sitting around for ages with the aim to perfect it with any tweaks and changes in order to make it your absolute best. Patience is key; you can release your project out into the world at the end of September once the communication energies are flowing again!

On a spiritual level what better time for some inner work to look at where you are today and what has transpired in your life. Try to look to look at situations from a different perspective to and not get caught in illusions. See what is there and not what you think is there. Look beyond the veil that shadows your view of reality.

Working within a state of gratitude by turning your thoughts and energy toward the positive. There is always something we can be grateful for. Look for simple pleasures the sun setting, flowers in the garden, walking in the woods. I mention many things connected to nature as this is where you will find your greatest healing and learning. You may find a lot of what you are focussing on transpires after the retrograde but that is the beauty of the situation, we have the time to allow the energy to build rather than forcing it.

Allow and let it be….

Trust your inner knowledge to work with fear based issues so that you can move forward no longer bound by fears that prevent you from moving forward and give a false sense of entrapment. We all have it in us to untie the restraints ready to break free over the coming months whether physically or emotionally.

There are so many opportunities for each and every one of us hence; taking the time to find out what it is you really want. Spend time assessing not only your strengths but also your weaknesses. This leads us into our shadow selves while Mercury also sits in its shadow. It can be enlightening to be aware that you have a shadow self but it is important not to be ruled by it.

With all energy and vibration changes we will have people drift away from our lives but they will leave as they no longer serve us for our higher good. Here we must sit in a place of acceptance that this is ok.

Accept and allow…..

The acceptance of letting go can be truly liberating as we are no longer bound by the thoughts of being bound to another which come from the ego and not the soul self.

Release…let go….all is well

Once you release and allow new energies to transpire the changes will take place in order to allow what is true to you.

Always go with the path of least resistance……..

Enjoy the resting period of Mercury face your fears, clear the clutter and open the pathway for new positive beginnings that align perfectly with your soul energy in the near future.

You may even come to love all future Mercury retrogrades………..

You can’t control them but you can control your thoughts during them.