National Vegetarian Week

16 May

National Vegetarian Week

It is National Vegetarian week this week therefore, I thought I would write my blog based on a lovely vegetarian restaurant that I went to at the weekend.

I have been a vegetarian for many years and find that most restaurants in this area (Suffolk) do not cater very well for veggies, vegans or people with special diet requirements. Going out for a meal generally leaves me hunting frantically down the menu desperately looking for the ‘token’ offering of a vegetarian meal and then feeling disappointed if it is something that I don’t like.

The bulk of restaurants seem to only offer one or if you are really lucky two meals that would be suitable and to be honest if you were a vegan you would seriously struggle to find something. I do wonder why people running restaurants who surely have a passion for cooking would not want to feel that they can cater for and please ALL customers by having a varied menu that is balanced and suitable for all dietary requirements. I realise to cover across the board is not easy but I still can’t help but feel vegetarians/vegans do get a raw deal when they are offered so little choice.

However, this weekend all my dreams came true when I went to eat at the Veggie Red Lion at Great Bricet in Suffolk and was handed a menu that was full of really delicious veggie meals. I was actually slightly over-whelmed as I actually had choices, lots of them!!! Plus a specials board that had even more choices!!

Vegan and coeliac diets are also very well catered for. How wonderful to find a pub that caters to the needs of different diets and even if you are a carnivore you will love the food.  The pub was actually highly recommended to us by a meat eater!  The food was delicious, lovely atmosphere and really helpful, friendly staff.

Well done to the Veggie Red Lion, I hope more pubs and restaurants soon start to step up to the mark and realise that vegetarian meals are becoming more and more popular now. Life is changing for many people and they are looking for healthier alternatives in their diets and lifestyles.  Looking after the mind, body and spirit and realising what we put into our bodies will affect all of these is now very much at the fore-front of people’s minds.  There are so many reasons to eat more vegetables ranging from their source of vitamins and minerals, a natural source of fibre, they can help to reduce various diseases plus simply for the reason that they actually are delicious.

If you live in the Suffolk area and fancy a trip to the Veggie Red Lion  they are well worth a visit. Or if you know of any similar restaurants in the area please do let me know.

Vegetarian week