Reiki and Crystals

8 Apr

Reiki and crystals

New course due out soon…

Part one working with crystals – The healing power of crystals ……                    

Crystal healing is an excellent alternative to allopathic medicine where crystals are used to help cure or relieve various ailments and protect against disease of the quartzphysical, emotional and spiritual self. Crystals can be combined with other alternative medicines such as reflexology, meditation, Reiki etc… they are truly amazing tools for self-healing and also for transformation.

Crystals all have their own atomic structure and the ability to receive, store and transmit energy. Crystals can also be programmed and the use quartz is a particularly powerful stone to use for this to assist you to manifest those things you desire.

Every crystal (quartz or other mineral) has its own unique energy pattern and vibration, think of this as similar to human D.N.A.

When we are in the presence of crystals our electromagnetic field has an energy exchange with the electromagnetic field of the crystal, we are in effect communicating on an energetic level. The vibrations of the crystal will then create a change in your own structure through your energetic systems. A state healing starts to occur.

Each crystal provides an opportunity for transformation as it holds perfect energy patterns and vibrations for us to attune to and bring the body back to a state of wholeness. By working with and learning how to attune and connect to our crystals we start to  connect with the energies patterns of each individual crystal and by doing this it allows us into their magical world where we can make use of their special gifts and use these to help us heal and manifest.

Every crystal is the essence of earth and is dedicated to helping the earth to evolve and we can help this process by asking a crystal to help us……..

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