Reiki and feral cats

19 Apr

Can Reiki help feral cats?

Firstly it is important to be aware of the difference between a feral cat and a stray one. A feral cat will have lived all its life in the wild with none or very minimal human contact. It will be fearful of people and survives on its own or in a colony outdoors. A feral cat is not very likely to ever become a lap cat or enjoy living indoors because of the lack of human contact in its early years.

In general kittens become socialized by interacting with people in the first 2 to 7 weeks. If a kitten misses out on this experience by living out in the wild she will grow up very fearful of humans and will not be suited to or feel happy living in a home. However, kittens that are born to a feral cat can be suitable for rehoming if they have early bonding with humans.

Socks1A stray cat will have had this critical bonding period with humans and have had a home at some point in the past. She may have been abandoned or become lost. A stray cat can also become a pet cat once again after being given period of time to adjust as they may feel wary after spending time outside away from people and fitting into a new home.

Reiki can help feral cats but will require a lot of patience if you are also trying to tame them. Setting ones intention of what you are wanting to help the cat with can also play a part in how the Reiki will help. Some cats will always be feral no matter how much Reiki you send to them but the Reiki will still play a part in their physical and emotional well being.

For any truly feral cat you will need to send distance Reiki, it is highly unlikely yousardine3 will ever be able to offer hands on Reiki to a feral cat. Although, in reality does it really matter as long as the cat is receiving Reiki which it will do whether it is hands on or hands off.

Sending distance Reiki to the cats ‘past’ can help to heal fear and trauma they may have suffered.

Feral cats tend to live in colonies therefore you could also send Reiki to the whole colony to help aid emotional well being to them as a group. Any cat amongst them that has injuries should be treated by a vet and not just sent Reiki therapy. Reiki always works alongside any veterinary treatment and is never a replacement for it.

There is much to learn from our feral friends and to gain the trust of one is immensely pleasing. We must always respect their limits and understand they are not the same as what we know as ‘domestic’ cats. They are free roaming and incredibly scared of humans. They don’t strike out or hiss to be ‘bad’, they are scared and only time and patience can change this, however in many cases a fully grown feral cat can not be changed. This does not mean the cat is unhappy that is does not have a home but that it is living a life that is natural and normal to him/her.

Often colonies of cats are taken to the vets for spaying and neutering, this is another opportunity to send Reiki. The cats will be terrified during this process however, it is vital to stop the cats from over breeding. Generally they will then be returned to the place they were found to continue their free roaming lives.

LinfordThis photo is of a sixteen week feral kitten who was absolutely terrified of people. With lots of patience and respect for his needs you can see the change in him.