Reiki and Wildlife

19 Jul

Reiki and wildlife

The more I grow on my Reiki journey the more I have felt drawn towards animals. I always consider my connection with them a two way process. All animals have so much to give and do so without any expectation or judgment. We have so much to gain by learning to understand them and connect with them on a truly spiritual level.

I recently had the opportunity to connect with this wonderful pig. She was incrediblyReiki with pig open to healing and loved to be touched. With any healing session with an animal be it wildlife or domestic, it is always important to respect the animals space and to ask if it is ok to connect. You can always send healing from a distance if the animal is unsure of you. Better to do this, than put yourself or the animal in harms way.


To be able to give Reiki to any animal is a blessing.  An animal does not have to bePony receiving Reiki injured to receive it. You may just intuitively wish to send it. To see an animal relax while being given Reiki is such a joy. Look at the ponies face in the picture to see how calm he is feeling.

For many of us working with Reiki it can be easy to get caught in the ‘ego’ in wanting to ‘fix’ another being. However, it is important to just trust the Reiki and know that enough Reiki will be taken as to what is needed. It is not up to us to cure or find a solution but to simply ‘be’ and to ‘allow’. For every animal that crosses my path I always remain eternally grateful to have had that privilege.

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