Reiki courses and energy attunements – FAQ

1) What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy based therapy with Japanese roots often described as the ‘laying of hands’ just over or on the body. The practitioner then becomes a channel for Reiki energy to flow through to the recipient in order to naturally aid healing.

2) Do I need any previous qualifications to learn Reiki?

At Reiki level one no previous qualifications are required. However you do need to work through each level before continuing on the next level. For instance before you attend a level Reiki two class you will have needed to complete Reiki level one.

3) I am not sure if I should take a face to face or on-line course?

Any training completed face to face is generally better as you will have the personal attention and questions can be answered immediately. However not every one can attend a days training for various reasons and my on-line courses have been created with this in mind. My manuals are very comprehensive and also contain interactive worksheets that you work through in your own time. You are able to contact me via email at any point during and after the course and I will aim to reply with in 24 hours during week days.

4) Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes all the Reiki courses have a e-certificate with them that is issued on completion of the manual and after the attunement.

5) How do I have an attunement if it is a distance course?

The cost of a distance attunement IS included in the cost of the course. If you would like to have the distance attunement then we will arrange a mutually convenient time. I will carry out the attunement as if you were with me. I will ask you to put 30-40 minutes to one side in order to relax while I carry it out. I will then email you and send your certificate to you as an attachment. If you live local to me and have purchased a distance learning course I can perform a face to face attunement if you require one for an extra charge of £25 please enquire at time of purchasing the course.

6) Will the attunement work if it is carried out distantly?

Yes, Reiki is energy and you do not need to be with a person to send an energy attunement.

7) Is Reiki safe for anyone to receive or learn?

Reiki is a totally safe treatment or therapy for anyone to receive or learn.

8) How can Reiki benefit me?

For those attuned to its energies it becomes a way of life by working with the Reiki subtle energies to enhance a positive belief system which in turn helps the energy ‘ki’ flow.Some of the benefits are:

Relaxes the body and mind;
Dissolves energy blocks;
Promotes natural balance between mind, body and spirit;
Balances the chakra’s;
Increases energy levels;
Helps the body release stress and tension;
Clears the mind and improves focus;
Accelerates the body’s self-healing ability.

9) Will I require insurance to practice Reiki?

If you are practicing Reiki at level one then you will not require insurance. As a profession, being a Reiki practitioner/teacher is generally classed as low risk however, once you are a level two practitioner and charging for your services then it is wise to take out insurance. It is best to make some calls to various insurance companies which can be found on ‘Google’ and check that you can get covered with the certificate you will be issued with and also the cost as this may vary. If you already have a therapists insurance they may well add ‘Reiki’ to your current policy FOC.

10) If I don’t like the course can I get a refund?

When an online course has been purchased and emailed to you as a e- pdf document I regret that no refunds can be made as the materials are non returnable when sent via email. Please read all the details of the course before purchasing so that you fully understand the course content. I am always happy to discuss with you prior to purchase if you are unsure if a Reiki course is for you.

11) Can I use your manuals to teach other people?

All information in the manuals is copyright to Soul Secrets if you are wishing to use any material from the manuals please contact me first.