Animal Reiki online learning course

Animal Reiki on-line distance learning course

My animal Reiki course has all the information you will need to work with domestic pets and wildlife. In order to take the course you will need to have completed ReikiFrizzy3 level 1 and level 2. If you have completed these with someone else please send me copies of your certificates before purchasing. If you have not completed these please click here to have a look at my other Reiki courses where there is the option of online and face to face training.

The Animal Reiki manual has 39 pages and is full of lots of information about how to give animals Reiki. It also has 10 interactive worksheets that you work through in your own time and these do not need marking they are purely to help you with your learning.

Pony receiving ReikiOnce you have completed your course and answered the question sheets then you will contact me to arrange a distance attunement.  A certificate is sent via email on completion.



Animal Mirroring
Energy Scan
Receiving communication
Different ways to give a Reiki treatment
Animal Chakra System
Canine Reiki
Feline Reiki
Equine Reiki
Wildlife and Reiki
Symbols during treatments
Heart Chakra Symbol
Booking a treatment
10 worksheets

Investment – £35.00

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It can be really helpful to have a certificate in Pet First Aid if you are working with animals. While it is not a requirement it will boost your credibility in working with a clients much loved pet….. If you would like to find out more about online pet first aid training please click here