Reiki Training Courses Suffolk

Reiki courses Suffolk

One to one Reiki training for women

Course content

Reiki 1

Reiki 2


Reiki Yantras Introduction
Lineages Mantras 21 day clearing
History of Reiki Yantra & Mantra Effects of a attunement
What is Reiki The tanden DaiKoMyo
Three levels of Reiki The three symbols Raku
10 rules of Reiki Cho Ku Rei Fire snake/dragon
Reiki Principles Sei Heo Ki Hui yin
Intention HSZSN Values
Chakras Reiki meditation Attunements
Reiki positions Hand positions Reiki meditation
Reiki energy Chakra chart Manifesting goals
Grounding Scanning Antahkarana
Reiki meaning Energy field Class preparation
The attunement The aura Suggestions for teaching
Playing with energies Aura colours Code of conduct
Where to go now Many hands How to begin teaching
Client records
Reiki lineage
Interactive worksheets Interactive worksheets Interactive worksheets

Investment £95.00

Investment £125.00

Investment £300

Each Reiki level involves one day of training.

On-going learning and practice within your own time.

Learn how to create positive change within your life.

Comprehensive manual.

Interactive worksheets.

Personal tuition.

Experienced teacher.

Continued e-mail support.

Hours of day 10-4pm, can be altered to fit in with your requirement’s.

Please note that if you are unable to attend a training day I also offer e-courses. Please click here to find out more about e-courses.

I do ask for a deposit when your booking is made and the balance is payable by the time of your training day.

Reiki level one – one day course £95.00

Reiki one

Reiki Level two – practitioner One day course £125.00

Reiki 2

Reiki 3 Master/Teacher £300 – one day course

Reiki three

I also offer the opportunity to learn Anatomy and Physiology via online video training as an additional certificate to your business should you wish to go down that route. The course is £24.95 plus VAT and there is a 10% discount by clicking Anatomy and Physiology

Please note deposits for Reiki courses are non- refundable