Running a successful Reiki business

14 Apr

 Running a successful Reiki business

You have just passed your Reiki level two practitioner and want to do something with your new skills but just don’t know what? You have lots of ideas but how do you move forward with them and how do you overcome this fear of failure if you do go ahead?

A good place to start is to work out what kind of practice you would like. You may wish to focus on building a general Reiki practice or there may be an area which you would prefer to specialise in which can help you stand out from the crowd. It will be important at this point to dig deep and see what you are guided to? What is your passion? What makes you want to get out of bed in the morning?

A few guidelines for various different types of practice can be working with:

  • People with specific physical illnesses. This could be something that is personal to you or a close family member where you have had first-hand experience of a particular ailment.
  • Mum’s and babies – A wide playing field with many opportunities from pregnancy right through to after the child is born and beyond. You can also mix your Reiki with a meditation class for mums to be. Think up your own mediation which incorporates Reiki healing into it. There is also another business opportunity here to create your own Meditation cd or MP3 for download.
  • Stress, addictions, panic attacks – some back ground knowledge or personal experience is always good with any kind of treatment with mental health. It will be important to build trust and really understand and respect your client needs.
  • Ladies or Men only – you may wish to run a clinic for only men or women. There can be various reasons for this and is a matter of personal choice.
  • Animals – Many people run very successful animal clinics. Knowledge and experience of handling animals can be helpful.
  • Other holistic therapies (massage and reflexology) – Many people like to mix a treatment by having a massage and then following at the end with 20 minutes of Reiki. This can help to increase your profit by adding a reduced Reiki fee for a massage plus Reiki treatment.
  • Nutrition – All holistic therapies blend really well together. Often if people are seeing a nutritionist they may feel stressed and out of sync.
  • Hypnotherapy – Reiki can be used in conjunction with Hypnotherapy treatments to enhance relaxation.

The list is endless and there is an opportunity to let your imagination really go into overdrive. I can-not stress how important it is to have a target audience in mind so that you know where to focus your advertising and also be clear in your head where your business is going. There is an old saying about a ship setting sail with no destination. This is also true for your business. Think about your end goal and then you can start putting things into motion.

Often there is a fear that we may not be on the path that will be the most financially rewarding or that we will have made a mistake in our choice. Remember you can create changes to your business later on. Many businesses change course as they go along but the important thing is to have a goal and then put action behind the destination you wish to head to in order to allow it to become a reality.